How to protect from Pink Bollworm?

It’s not required to afraid of Pink bollworm. Pink bollworm eats only plants hood, flower and small bolls. As per atmosphere convenience, Pink bollworm can live 10 days to 13 month, which is very long lifetime compare to other insects.
When Rain is started and the atmosphere becomes slight cool, then it’s the time for pink bollworm to attack. After raining, Pink bollworm will enter to cocoon and grow up from it. It puts approximately 300 to 400 eggs in cotton. This bollworm eats only flower and Cotton seeds of cotton bolls. It doesn’t eat leaves or branches. It has succeeded to digest B.T. cotton.
pink bollworm

pink bollworm

Here are few suggestions to protect from pink bollworm:
  1. Farmers have to plant those types of crop, which take short time to be prepared. Because Pink bollworm does not exist during August and September. That time, All the good quality and lumping bolls are being prepared. In addition, Choose the cotton quality, of which plant is open and standing. So whenever there is a requirement to sprinkle, then due to open plants it covers all the flowers, hatches and small bolls.
  2.  The first attack of pink bollworm is after 10 to 15 days of rain. If planting of cotton is done at the time of rain or in June, then at that time there is no any flower in cotton. So cotton will be protected from pink bollworm.
  3.  Non-Bt cotton should be planted around the farm. So Pink bollworm eat Non-Bt cotton. So its generation will be ineffective to Bt cotton. It will be beneficial in future of cotton. So you will get long term benefits. (If you have not Non-B.T. cotton then you can also plant Pigeon pea or castor).
  4.  Use the pheromone trap. Using this trap Male fungus are trapped so that fertility will be reduced. Because of that, spreading of pink bollworm will be reduced.
  5.  The second attack of pink bollworm is in Bhadra month(i.e. August- September). In this month, the new generation of pink bollworm is ready, which puts eggs only on small bolls. At this time, because of the small size of bolls, pink bollworm can damage crops easily. Like this small bolls will be protected and become big cotton bolls, in which pink bollworm can not enter.
Like this you can protect your crops from pink bollworm.

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