White Fly controller

An effective whitefly controller. Control Whitefly by an easy method.

Whitefly Controller

Whitefly Controller

Arcon presents a Bio organic insecticide which helps to control mite, Aphid, Jassid and whitefly.

  • Why this product?

Here are the features of this White fly controller product:

It destroys all types of sucking insects like Kathiri, Green Jesid, and Thrips.

Here is highly effective for control of Green Jesid and Thrips.

It also destroys whiteflies.

Full stop maintains greenery of crops.

The growth of Crops occurs equally.

It keeps Crops green.

It Protects crops from Sucking insects.

The full stop can be sprayed in all types of crops.

It can be mixed with each and every type of pesticide.

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Fertilizers: An Important key factor for Growth boosting of plants

Fertilizers are an important key factor of any agriculture. It’s required to add to the soil to increase its fertility. Even it is more used than seeds and pesticides. Fertilizer works as a nutrition diet for any plant/ crop. In farming, there are two types of fertilizer: Organic fertilizer and Chemical fertilizer. Generally, in crops, there is a basic requirement of any crop is 16 nutrients. The most important elements for plants are Carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen which are generally available from air and water. Other nutrients which are important for plants to grow/ thrive are phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, copper, boron, manganese, cobalt, zinc and molybdenum. Nitrogen is a greening agent and growth booster for plants. Phosphorus is the beneficial nutrient for plant maturity. Potassium is an important nutrient for the plant to increase the resistance of plants. These fertilizers are useful to improve quality fruits and seeds.


During growing period of plants, Fertilizers effects in:

Growth Boosting: It helps to plants to grow rapidly. Use nitrogen based fertilizer to boost the growth of plants.

Maturation Acceleration: To accelerate plant maturity, it’s required to use phosphorus-rich fertilizers.

Resistance Enhancing: Use fertilizers which are rich with potassium to enable plants to increase resistance in more water or drought conditions

Soil conditioning:  Organic fertilizers are very helpful to improve the chemical balance of the soil.


It’s required to alter the fertilizers to balance the natural nutrients. so it can be protected from poor soil conditions. It is advisable to use organic fertilizer to balance nutrients.

It’s required to possess good knowledge about which fertilizer suits on which plant.All the different fertilizers contain different nutrients. So Use fertilizers as per requirement/ condition of the soil and plants. By proper use of fertilizers, you can produce great produce and best earnings. It’s possible to restore the natural chemical composition of the soil.

Fertilizer products

Jeevan A Balanced plant nutrition

Liquid fertilizer product: Jeevan

Jeevan is one of the best types of liquid fertilizer. Jeevan is useful for plants as their healthy food. It fulfills incompleteness of Nutrients. So it is very useful for plants.


How Jeevan works…

Jeevan is one type of liquid fertilizer. It protects plants from the deficiency of Nutrients. Because of Nutrients deficiency plants suffer from yellowness in plants, Black dots on leaves, shed off leaves, shed of flowers etc. Jeevan fulfills beneficial Nutrients like ferrous, boron, manganese and copper. And protects from this kind of losses.Jeevan works as an efficient food which also works for plant protection.

plant nutrition

Jeevan: A Balanced plant nutrition

How much Jeevan is important for crops?

According to agriculture department research, Generally, Any type of crops, like beans, oilseeds, Horticulture crops, Fruits, flower or vegetables, have requirements of total 16 Nutrients. Jeevan provides five Nutrients out of these 16 Nutrients. So crops can be protected from loss.

Jeevan keeps crops healthy. So production will be increased. Like this Jeevan is very important for crops. It plays an important role in the growth of any plant.
Why Jeevan as a liquid fertilizer?

Jeevan is manufactured as per agriculture department percentages. It is made by a unique method of mixing its five nutrients one after one. It effects on plants best. So Jeevan is best as a liquid fertilizer.


Jeevan: Uses and precautions

  • Spray 50 ml per 15 lit. Water
  • Convenient for each type of crops.
  • It can be sprayed anytime
  • It can be sprayed at any stage of crops.
  • Use measurement instrument to keep accuracy
  • Cover hands with gloves and face with the mask.
  • To get good results, wet the plants completely.
  • Spray it 2 to 3 times to any plant. If you spray it fortnightly, it doesn’t damage of any type.
  • It is prepared as per government described percentage.
  • It is available in the packing of 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml.

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Pesticides products

These products are coming soon…

sr.no.product name
2Oxy Florfen
4Peraquat Dicloride
10Lambda Cylothrin
152-4,D Sodium Salt
162-4,D Amine Solt
172-4,D Ethyl Ester
18Copper Oxy Cloride
19Cartap Hydrocloprid
32Gibralic Acid
35Fenoxaprop P Ethyle
36Quzalophop P Ethyle
38      Alfametharin
41Metsulphuron Methile

Bio larvicides: What is this? How Bio Larvicide is helpful?

What is Bio larvicide?

Bio larvicide is an organic product which is helpful to target larval life of insects. This type of larvicides is larva killer which is made from natural substances.

Bio larvicide

Bio larvicide

How Bio larvicides are more beneficial than chemical larvicides?

  • Bio Larvicides are helpful to destroy Fruit borer, Leaf borer, Shoot Borer etc. in an organic way. 
  • Bio larvicides are very effective to all types of the larva. But bio larvicides are less harmful to beneficial insects in crops.
  • Bio larvicides are more environment-friendly.
  • It keeps chemicals away.
  • It doesn’t harmful to humans, birds or animals.
  • Like this, Bio-larvicide is more health protective than any conventional larvicide.
  • Because of it is organic; there is occurring less soil pollution and less water pollution.

So it’s proved that Bio larvicides support the economy. Other insecticides, which support economy are Biopesticides, Bio miticides, Bio fungicides etc.

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Biopesticides: What is this? How is it helpful?: Advantages of Biopesticide

What are Biopesticides?

Biopesticides are the type of pesticides which are derived from natural materials like plants, animals, bacteria, and minerals. Bio pesticides are the combination of natural substances and microorganism which can control pests.

Daisy plants and Neem trees are examples of Bio pesticides.

biopesticides and insecticides

How is biopesticide helpful?

How bio pesticides are advantageous?

  • Bio-pesticides are cheaper than any other chemical pesticides.
  • Bio pesticides are less damageable than any conventional pesticides.
  • Bio-pesticides are more effective best instagram web viewer than synthetic pesticides.
  • Less toxic than other regular pesticides.
  • Bio pesticides play an important role in controlling diseases in plants.
  • Bio-pesticides affect only the target pests in comparison to conventional pesticides.

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Organic Pesticides: How Organic Product is beneficial?

Are Organic Pesticides beneficial?

Organic Pesticides are more beneficial for plants and humans both than any other products. Let’s see how,

  • Organic Pesticide is more environment-friendly pesticides
  • Get Healthy Food by using Organic Pesticide.
  • Using Organic Pesticide is very safe for users.
  • Because of Organic Pesticide, there is less Soil pollution.
  • Because of Organic Pesticide, occurs less Water pollution
Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticide

  • Save Energy by using Organic Pesticide.
  • Organic Pesticide doesn’t damage health anyhow. So, Organic Pesticide is health Protective.
  • Keep chemicals away by Organic Pesticide.
  • Organic Pesticide Supports musically hearts free Economy.

If you will apply pesticides correctly it will be proven very effective for plants. 

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ROBLOX Robux and Ticket Generator

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Is it possible to hack Roblox


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