Biopesticides: What is this? How is it helpful?: Advantages of Biopesticide

What are Biopesticides?

Biopesticides are the type of pesticides which are derived from natural materials like plants, animals, bacteria, and minerals. Bio pesticides are the combination of natural substances and microorganism which can control pests.

Daisy plants and Neem trees are examples of Bio pesticides.

biopesticides and insecticides

How is biopesticide helpful?

How bio pesticides are advantageous?

  • Bio-pesticides are cheaper than any other chemical pesticides.
  • Bio pesticides are less damageable than any conventional pesticides.
  • Bio-pesticides are more effective best instagram web viewer than synthetic pesticides.
  • Less toxic than other regular pesticides.
  • Bio pesticides play an important role in controlling diseases in plants.
  • Bio-pesticides affect only the target pests in comparison to conventional pesticides.

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