Bio insecticides and Bioherbicides: important types of Biopesticides

What are Bio insecticides and Bioherbicides?

Here are the types of biopesticides: 1. Bio insecticides
                                                                 2. Biomiticides
                                                                 3. Bioherbicides


Bio insecticides



Bio insecticide: It is the most important Biocontrol agent. It is insecticide which differs from chemical insecticides.

It targets insects which feed on crops. It generates bacterias which increase poison in their stomach. So they will destroy in short time.

Biomiticides : It protects from roundworms or nematodes. It protects from different plant diseases.

Bioherbicide is mostly used to control weeds and undesirable plants. It is a weeds control agent.

It is advisable to use Bioherbicide rather than any chemical herbicide because the effect of bioherbicide is less harmful to the environment than any other chemical herbicide.

We can prefer bioherbicides because it doesn’t affect the health of human beings.

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